It’s that time of year!

It is crazy to believe that this semester is already over, I am happy to announce that I officially have one semester left of college!! At first I thought blogging once a week for the entirety of this semester would be a drag; and just one more bullet point on my crazy to do list but it wasn’t. I really enjoyed taking time to process thoughts and opinions on subjects in agriculture. This semester has been an information overload kind of year, I was continually reading books and learning more and more about agriculture. I found blogging to be helpful for me to summarize thoughts and really formulate my own opinions. I definitely learned how important it is to blog and engage with others on their blogs throughout this year. I realized that it is actually enjoyable to read other peoples blogs and join the discussion on the internet. I think this is a plus side of the internet; that there are actually intelligent and civil conversations happening. I guess one of the only negative things I found while blogging was that it was sometimes hard for me to come up with a topic because my life isn’t exactly full of agriculture experiences but positively it pushed me to find those experiences to write about. In the future if I continue to blog I would love to write about my experiences as a city girl in agriculture. I would like to share those embarrassing moments of never seeing a carcass of an animal before and what that was like for me! It was definitely a bit scary at first but after a while I got use to it and since I am such a meat lover I appreciated the outcome!!! I would also like to share crazy conversations I have had with friends and family because many people in the ag world could learn a lot from those encounters by knowing what us “city folk” actually think!! I definitely could see myself continuing to blog next semester again but maybe not as often, but I think it would be fun to look back on my thoughts when I am older about my perception of agriculture! As always thanks for following, and I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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