Feeling Honored!

At Missouri State University each fall semester the William H. Darr School of Agriculture honors students with awards and scholarships at an annual banquet. This year was very exciting because my parents made the trip from St. Louis all the way to Springfield to support me at the banquet. I knew I was receiving a scholarship but I was unaware of a very special award I receive that night. I was honored with the Anson Elliott Citizen Leadership Award in Agriculture for Ethical Leadership in Public Affairs and Internship Achievements.  I later found out that I was nominated by a teImageacher and had to be approved by the entire faculty; this honestly blew me away. 

The reason I deemed this important enough to blog about isn’t because I want to flaunt my achievements or seek admiration from others but this struck something in my heart. As a nontraditional agriculture student I never imagined myself excelling in these courses or better yet receiving and award in agriculture. I struggled after switching my major because of the amount of information I had to quickly learn just to comprehend material in class. This was very frustrating for me because in all honesty I wasn’t use to being the least informed in a class; I also felt dumb asking questions because I figured they were common sense to the other students, when they most likely were. So I made it my mission to read and reread every book, article, and notes taken in each class because I wanted to know it. I feel so thankful for falling into agriculture because of where I am today, I absolutely love learning about agriculture and it truly feels like where I am supposed to be. This award meant so much to me because agriculture is something I have become very passionate about and I am just so proud to be a part of it. At the end of the day I know that it’s nothing I could have done to receive that award but it was all because of God giving me the passion to pursue a degree in agriculture. Through the doors he has opened for me I have been able to succeed and I will continue to seek to follow that plan for my life. I am really looking forward for graduation obviously because who isn’t ready to graduate but ultimately I am excited to start my career. I honestly have no idea where I will end up but I am open to all possibilities and I am most importantly excited to learn more about agriculture.


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