Grassfed vs. Cornfed

Just recently I was talking with a girl
from California, we had an interesting conversation. I overheard her talking to
someone about how fresh and healthy the food is in California. She went on and
on about how much better the food is there compared to the Midwest. A part of
me wanted to say something then, but I continued to just listen to her
statements. I couldn’t hold back any longer when I heard her say how all the
food is so much healthier there because they have grass-fed meat and organic
vegetables. I wasn’t exactly surprised at her statements because I genuinely
believe that most Americans think organic and grass-fed animals are healthier
options; but this is just not entirely true! Up until this fall I myself didn’t
know much about the difference between organic and conventional operations; and
now I am really going to look into this debate. I believe organic is simply a
niche market, but I don’t think there is a elevated nutritional value with
organic foods over conventional foods. I understand that in some cases
grass-fed meats are healthier for you because they are typically leaner cuts of
meat since they aren’t finished off with grain. although there are definite
downsides with that. I believe 3 of the most important factors in this debate
are always: price, taste, and nutrition. possibly in that order as well. well
it is known that most consumers make decisions based off of price, and they
usually end up picking the cheaper option and the tastier over nutrition. When
understanding the markets of organic and grass-fed its important to realize
that they are niche markets and people are willing to pay a premium price for
the products. there are differences, but it all has to do with personal
preference. my worry was that overhearing this girl promote that these products
are healthier was problematic; because she was stating opinion as facts. I
explained to her that all cattle are started out on pasture but the difference
is how they are finished. She had no idea, she thought cattle were just fed
corn their entire lives in a stall I am glad I could clarify that it isn’t true
for any cattle productions. I will continue to eat what I believe to be tastier
and that is corn-fed beef, although I understand if that isn’t your preference
because we are all unique in our choices.


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