Should We Believe This?

I have been just looking around the PETA website for my animal welfare class and this video stood out to me for a few reasons. This video was about Why Should You Care about the mice and rats being used in experiments. The actions they are proposing in this video seem to be cruel, as they cut a little mouse and watch is squirm—it’s very unpleasant. To start though I think it is very important to first take into consideration where this video is coming from—is it credible and reliable? Well to start their allegations towards mice and rats are concerning those in the U.S. but isn’t it a little strange that the narrators voice has a British accent? This factor almost completely leads me to believe that they aren’t being truthful about where this video was being filmed. If they are making a case about the U.S.’s treatment of mice and rats in experiments shouldn’t that evidence be found here? This discounts a lot of their material! Well, the video goes on to appeal to our emotions by saying statements like, “ who cares if rats are affectionate or form lifelong relationships”…“who cares if they giggle when they are having fun”…“who cares if like dog and cats are good mothers that will rescue..”..These are just a few of the statements used to compel viewers to consider if they care. I have an issue with their wording because it is comparing rats and mice to humans, by saying that they are able to form lifelong relationship and all of the qualities listed are of humanlike qualities. They do this so when they announce how they are being treated then viewers will empathize towards them like they do to a human. Regarding the treatment of these rats and mice I feel it isn’t ethical to knowingly abuse them, but how are we to believe them in whether or not this is true based on their videos credibility. I believe it is ethical to use such animals to use in experiments if the suffering is minimized as much as possible while experimenting and when there is no other way to test in order to gain human benefits. I think when the experiments cross the line of inflicting pain for no reason, or just for pure enjoyment that is unethical.
I do know that scientists are encouraged to follow guidelines of the 3 R’s: Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement. Which is reduce the amount of animals used by improving techniques and refining the amount of suffering they incur with better living conditions and medical care, and then replacing them by using cell cultures instead of animals. Overall though, the issue of animal experiments is straightforward but we first have to consider if we believe animals have rights, and personally I don’t believe they do. Rights are inherited by our creator not given by the government or other beings. Our rights cannot be taken away from us as humans so comparing us to animals isn’t relevant because they were created completely different with different purposes. Our creator gave us the duty to take care of our animals and flourish from them so I believe it is our job to ensure that they are being handled correctly and humanly but as well, they are here for our benefit through feeding us and improving our livelihood.


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