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Raw in-class video!

In class last week we were assigned to create a video with a classmate to inform people about a topic in agriculture. Nikki and I decided to take a comical approach to this video to entertain any viewers that may run across our YouTube post. I would like to disclaim before viewing that I am not completely uniformed about the use of animals but this probably is a great description of me prior to agriculture! In the beginning of studying about agriculture I always found information like this so interesting because it really is something most people take for granted. I know at least in my experience growing up I had no idea animals were needed for things like glue,nail polish, shampoo and conditioner, and other foods like marshmallows. I remember sitting in class looking at a list of hundreds of items and my jaw dropping to the floor. It is almost impossible to go through a day without using something that contains animal by-products. It gives me so much more appreciation for animals because not only do i enjoy eating them but now I have to give them credit for always having cute nails and fresh breath! Another reason I am so interested in agriculture is because it is related to almost everything in life, agriculture is interconnected with almost everything because without it we wouldn’t be living. I find it crazy now that so many individuals go a lifetime without ever knowing the importance of agriculture or even understanding the process of where our food comes from. You would think people would be more interested in what happens to the food they eat, and how it gets from the farm to the store. Growing up I never had these thoughts so I can see how it happens but now I see the great need to inform Americans about what makes living here so amazing. I hope to eventually be a part of something that can do just that, and start a revolution of informing society about what makes up the essentials of life!


About Me 2.0

To keep my “About Me” section short and sweet I decided to elaborate more on my story in my blog post! Like I mentioned before I am not ashamed to say, I grew up dreaming of becoming a glamorous movie star yet, a princess would have sufficed! Growing up I spent all of my time playing dress up, changing my outfit literally 7 times a day, stealing my mom’s heels and cat walking around the house! I was “that” child, always the center of attention and ready to perform at any waking moment. This being said the thought of cows, farming, and dirt (excuse me! *soil) were the least of my concerns; so going into college unfortunately I was still uninformed. It only took a year for me to realize dirt, cows, and cowboys were my calling! So I switched my major and started learning what seemed to me to be a foreign language. The amount of work it took to just understand the lingo is beyond me, I still am learning; yesterday I learned what noodling is…and you will NEVER see me doing that! My sophomore year I remember reading an animal science book and crying because I knew this was where I was supposed to be! In that moment I knew that I had a passion to learn about agriculture, which if you knew me you’d realize it was one “divine intervention”! I believe by fate I was placed into an agriculture course my freshman year; because I wouldn’t be where I am today without that little mistake! Now, I am studying Agriculture and Communications pursuing a career in politics to represent agricultural interests on local, national and hopefully international level one day. I am passionate about paving the way for the future of agriculture and continually challenging myself along the way.

My sophomore year I dropped everything and left to intern full-time at the Missouri State Capitol and was placed with the President Pro Tem, Sen. Rob Mayer. I lived full-time in Jefferson City and worked 40+ hrs a week; and spent the nights at events socializing and meeting new people! On the side I volunteered for Shane Schoeller running for Secretary of State in Missouri and then was hired onto the Prop A, Local Control Initiative. I fell in love with the process of campaigning and to this day spend a lot of time helping out with anything I can. My time at the capitol though was one experience I will never forget; it was there that I realized I wanted to live a life full of adventure! The thought of staying in one place, going to the same classes with the same people didn’t seem appealing anymore. I thought the only way to continue to put myself on the edge is to study abroad, so I spent the following spring studying in Melbourne, Australia.


It’s hard to sum up such a huge experience but while living in Australia I found myself and I made friends that helped shape me into who I am today. In my time there I traveled anywhere I could, backpacking the east coast of Australia with friends, and relaxing on the beautiful islands in Fiji; it was just absolutely breathtaking. The memories I made, friends I found, and compassion I discovered for all types of people was monumental. I now have the traveling bug and am already planning my next adventure to backpack Europe with all my new friends! I’m expectant for the future and what God has in store for my life but I can’t imagine that it will be anything less than leading a life full of color; traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, eating delicious food, and growing stronger in my faith!